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The Aviation Marketing team offers you a broad range of services. From general information about characteristics and developments of the market to route-specific evaluations and tailor-made analytical reports, our team provides individual consulting with a high degree of expert skill and a comprehensive data foundation, regularly compiled by our analysts.

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Find your potentials at Hamburg Airport

"Approx. 60 airlines fly non-stop to more than 130 destinations from Hamburg, but unused potential remains, within Europe and in particular on long-haul routes to Asia and North America. We are happy to help you discover these potentials as they fit your individual route planning!”

Gesa Zaremba, Team Aviation Marketing

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We are preparing the way to growth and success for you

We will help you to identify the potential for your airline from Hamburg Airport, and work together with you to prepare the path to successful cooperation.

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Looking at individual markets in detail costs a lot of time – time which you, as an airline route planner, don’t necessarily have.

Often, because of the distance, you do not have adequate opportunity to acquire information about an individual location without going to unreasonable effort.

We can support you in particular with regard to the unique characteristics of individual markets as you search for meaningful market data and precise analysis.

We understand your business and the challenges you face every day. This is why we provide you with precisely the information that will help you to make progress in the current situation.

Together, we want to develop sustainable routes with you, so we are always open to constructive dialog. We are the experts in our market and we are always on the ball with developments relevant to Hamburg Airport.

This means that we are always giving intense support to our customers, providing them with everything they need to succeed at Hamburg Airport – from the acquisition phase to marketing their routes to relevant target groups.

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The secret of our sucess is the depth of our relationships with our airlines. It starts before the contract is even signed and encompasses comprehensive market and potential analysis along with the complete development of marketing activities. We have been supporting some international airlines for over a decade and have continuously raised the bar of success in close dialog.

It makes no difference how large your airline and what your focus is: together, we will identify attractive individual potential to close the gaps in your route network and open up new markets.

We at the HAM Aviation Marketing Team ensure growth. We are always on the lookout for new, individual possibilities.

Market-relevant information and analysis

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