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Hamburg is home to the most millionaires in Germany

Hamburg really is the city with the most income millionaires in Germany, with some 859 residents in this elite club. And if you count total wealth (excluding real estate for personal use), 42,000 locals are euro millionaires. And there are even eight billionaires living in the city, with a combined wealth of 33 billion euros.

Total personal wealth in Hamburg is growing by 24,000 euros per minute. According to a report from the German Trade Union Confederation, annual disposal income in the city amounts to 24,421 euros per capita, almost 2,500 euros higher than the annual average of 21,952 euros.

True 88%
False 13%

Hamburg: Copacabana of the north - 13 kilometres of white, sandy beaches

Okay, okay, we don’t have a tropical climate. But that means it’s not so humid. And our beach is every bit as good as Copacabana, but longer! It’s true, Hamburg’s Elbe beach stretches along the river bank for some 13 kilometres, with plenty of places to just relax on the sand or watch the sunset from a beach bar. And it’s not just for locals, either. The contrast between recreation and an industrial port is a global magnet, as proven by the editors of the New York Times ranking the Elbe beach as one of their favourite waterside locations in Europe in 2017.

True 57%
False 43%

Every child born in the Altona district of Hamburg receives a Danish passport

Okay, we cheated this time. Not entirely, though. Altona has only been part of Germany since 1937. The former fishing settlement, although part of the Duchy of Holstein, was administered by Denmark until the end of the Second Schleswig War in 1864. From 1664 then, when it was granted city status and customs exemption, Altona was the second-largest Danish city, outstripped only by Copenhagen, competing with neighbouring Hamburg. But babies born in Altona are, of course, genuine children of Hamburg, and Danish is not normally offered as a foreign language in the schools of the borough.

There are still plenty of links to our northern neighbour, though, and our catchment area stretches across the border into southern Denmark.

True 40%
False 60%

There's more sunshine in the north of Germany than in the south

It's true! With an annual average of almost 970 litres of rain per square metre, Munich is in fact wetter than Hamburg (770 litres). And last summer, some northern weather stations saw new records. The Baltic coast had up to 360 hours of sunshine per month, compared to around 230 hours for the same period near the Alps. And our northern neighbour, Schleswig-Holstein, had the least rain of any state in Germany last summer.

True 90%
False 10%

Santa flies above Hamburg’s Town Hall Square!

Merry Christmas! There’s always a surprise in store at the historic Rathausmarkt Christmas Market. Santa Claus himself soars in his sled above the marketgoers, pulled of course by his reindeer. Year after year, the children – and not just the children – stare at the scene in delight.

True 67%
False 33%

The global metal capital is a village

It’s true. Every August, “Wacken Open Air” takes place in the north German village village of Wacken, some 75 kilometers out of Hamburg. Around 75,000 music fans from all over the world take over the village, and a lot of them arrive in the area by plane. HAM becomes “Wacken Airport” and the terminals become a mosh pit. Fans just have to show their tickets to get discounts on food and drink, take photos at a special photo wall, and even use the showers free of charge on their way back home. Our staff love it, dressing in Wacken shirts and joining in the fun with the fans.

True 100%
False 0%

You can see Scandinavia from Hamburg

And that’s not all! In Hamburg, you have views over Austria, the USA, Switzerland and now even Venice. All of it from the restored docklands area, Hafencity – but not from Elbphilharmonie. That was pushing it a little, we admit.

Miniatur Wunderland, though, the world’s largest model railway exhibition, has outstanding views of world-famous buildings and sights from all over the globe – in miniature. And it’s in Hamburg, of course. In 2017, once again, it was voted Germany’s most popular tourist attraction. More than a million people come to visit every year. Would you like to join them on an upcoming trip to Hamburg? Get in touch with us and we will organise some free tickets for you!

True 45%
False 55%

Hamburg has its own North Sea islands

Neuwerk has indeed belonged to the City of Hamburg for more than 700 years. Some 100,000 visitors come to the islet every year to see the historic lighthouse and the diverse birdlife and just to enjoy the peace and quiet. Hamburg is a city between two seas, with the Baltic just an hour’s journey by car or train, and the North Sea only 90 minutes away. It’s easy to combine a city break in Hamburg with a beachside holiday.

True 70%
False 30%